Summary of my weekend: organised my boyfriend’s mates to dress up as zombies and surprise/attack him for his 21st birthday. They hid around his house while I took him shopping for alcohol and ice. We had nerf guns, medikits full of alcohol, a smoke machine and zombie sound effects hooked up to his sound system. It was a total surprise, and he couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. This was his 21st plaque that I made. Why? Because I won’t be here for his actual 21st, and didn’t want him to be sad about that. Happy Birthday Lee 💚

Gah I totally forgot I had this!

Currently watching Idle Hands.

Currently watching Idle Hands.

I’m designing a Mandala for my digital design class. My theme is zombies. Hopefully my rudimentary Illustrator skills are sufficient enough to bring this bad boy to life. GET IT? ZOMBIES - TO LIFE!

You don’t get it.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.