you’re so cute i’ll even forgive you the shawl collar

Cheque plz

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It’s the crazy the amount of things you don’t realise you care about/are attracted to in the opposite sex.

1. Good clothes. Don’t have to be expensive, don’t even have to be terribly new. But if it looks like your mum dresses you (and she does all her shopping at Target, because she isn’t ‘paying for the brand’), girls wont be picturing you on any hot dates any time soon. Guys can basically makeover their entire wardrobe with 10 - 16 well selected, decent threads (See movie Crazy, Stupid Love). Save up the money and get some swag.

2. Good scent. Definitely does have to be expensive. I’ve fallen in love with Versace Pour Homme and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over it. Don’t be stingy (or stinky, HAHA! Ugh, lame Jacqueline) and just go and find a good smell.

3. Alpha. Until you’ve dated one, you wont realise what you’re missing. Imagine a wolf pack. He’s in charge, people come to him for direction and advice, he’s reliable, will always hunt and kill pay for dinner, and is totally confident and controlled when you’re falling to pieces. And he makes you feel protected because he will literally tear the face off of anyone who upsets you.

4. Open-mindedness. A guy who has the ability to try new things. Like, actually do something out of their comfort zone, despite their concerns/reservations. This also means a guy who doesn’t judge you, or others, for the way they are.

These are a few of my favourite things…

Me: “Oh!”

Date: “Oh?’

Me: “The composer was-“

Date (judging): “The composer? You noticed the composer?”

Me (embarrassed): “Haha, yeah, Hans Zimmer. Umm, he did Inception?”

Date: “Inception. Now that’s an intense movie.”

Me: “Haha, yeah…”

I’m good at not having things in common with normal people.