One of my favourite breaks from camp. Golden company, sterling memories.

Seeing as I just booked them in! AHHH!

So in 1 month, it goes:

Melbourne to LA.

  • Camp Counsellor in Malibu over the Summer. (New Year’s resolutions - check!)

LA to Lima.

  • Lares Trek. (1 Year anniversary celebration)

Lima to Cuzco.

Cuzco to Puerto Maldano.

  • Amazon Jungle tour.

Puerto Maldano to Lima.

Lima to Santiago.

Santiago to Sydney.

Sydney to Melbourne.

You know what? YOU KNOW WHAT? I love Halloween. Candy, costumes, parties, horror movie marathons… There is nothing I don’t love about it. Except for the fact I live in Australia and 99% of us don’t celebrate it because it is an “American thing”. SO IS A WHITE CHRISTMAS, yet we still decorate our houses with fake snow, or snowmen or sing songs about dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’ when it DOESN’T EXIST in Australia on a 30 degree Christmas Day.

Also, Americans didn’t invent Halloween, or Christmas, they merely commercialised it. So many people I talk to seem to think that Halloween is an American tradition, and ‘we don’t do that sort of thing in Australia’. By this principal you shouldn’t really be celebrating Christmas, because it is actually a ‘religious thing’ and you love telling me how much you’re an Atheist and don’t believe in God.

So I say, fuck it Australians, celebrate everything. Why exclude Halloween? I’ve been lucky enough to spend a Halloween in America (something that I can now cross off my bucket list), and was able to see firsthand what it looks like to embrace (and commercialise) this holiday. It fucking rocks. Everyone’s houses decorated with skulls, spiderwebs, and pumpkins with scary carved faces. And don’t get me started on the night I spent at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night. Greatest night of my life.

I love Halloween, I really do. And I can’t really see Australia jumping on board with any of this, because we’re too focused holidays that don’t involve dressing up (unless you count wrapping an Australian flag around your body and calling it a dress), decorations, or anything really that doesn’t involve getting drunk in a park and watching fireworks.

I think I need to move to America.